Governor to play key role in case of Hung in Telangana elections

 Telangana | Written by : Suryaa Desk Updated: Mon, Dec 10, 2018, 12:18 PM

If neither TRS nor People’s Front get a clear majority, then Governor will play a key role in deciding the future government. 

According to the  Constitution, the Governor has to first call the single largest party or the coalition which claims to have the highest number of legislators to prove majority. 

When no party gets a clear majority, then the Governor can use his discretion in the selection of chief ministerial candidate to prove the majority as soon as possible. Now the big question is, how Governor ESL Narasimhan will act?. Though Narasimhan was appointed by the then UPA government, post formation of Telangana, he is seen as favouring TRS. 

Even the Congress ally TDP is also not very happy about ESL Narasimhan, who is also the Governor of Andhra Pradesh. Thus all eyes will be on Narasimhan and the action will shift to Raj Bhavan, if Telangana populace throw up a fractured mandate.